Science Exploration

For many years, I have passionately explored a wide range of scientific matters, especially in the areas of medical science, human evolution, and human intelligence; as well as climate change, environmental science, water resources, certain aspects of astronomy, and the likely future for our species and planet.

Many of my paintings reflect the ideas I have formed as a result of this exploration, including the spiritual aspects of the ideas. By "spiritual" I do not mean "religious". 

My science exploration is NOT based on existing knowledge in the above fields. It is based on my own observations, my own thinking about these observations, and my own experiments including self-experiments. The conclusions I have reached therefore offer a new approach.

In November 2014 I published many of these conclusions on medical science on my website. The ideas put forward a new approach to how we can naturally cure and prevent many diseases, infections, illnesses and other conditions, both physical and mental.

These ideas are novel .. that is, they have not been previously suggested. They are based on a different understanding of our human evolution. This leads to a different understanding of how today's human body actually works. And this then leads to a different approach to how we can cure and prevent many health problems.

Over the next few years, I am aiming to publish online the balance of my ideas on medical science as well as my ideas on the other areas of science I have explored.


Love one another and care for our planet, 

Gee     November 2017